The Darts Shop Network - Who are we?

The Dart Shop Network has been set up and formulated to offer a unique opportunity to an extremely wide target audience to offer their website visitors a choice of the widest variety of darts equipment all from a single source.

So who exactly are behind The Dart Shop Network.?
The idea was the brainchild of Wayne Taylor, the Managing Director of Darts Corner Ltd, the UK's largest independent Darts Superstore. He explains "We wanted to develop a way to offer our extensive range of products to a much wider audience, and offer those already in the industry such as Professional Players, Counties, Local Leagues a way to complement their websites and facilitate a revenue stream at the same time."

With over 7500 items currently on offer and the range continuously developing, it is easily the largest range anywhere in the world. All these products are available to each website - and any new introductions into the marketplace will automatically be added to each Dart Shop as soon as they are in stock. Each Dart Shop within The Dart Shop Network does not have to do a thing - they simply just appear!

With full support of his dedicated team, every Dart Shop owner will have the knowledge that all their customers are in safe hands. From the moment a customer purchases from a Dart Shop, through the processing and delivery of the items, everything is being taken care of. The After Sales service is just as important as the initial purchase to ensure all your customers return to purchase on a regular basis.

Wayne adds "It is very important to us to ensure all the customers from each of the Dart Shops are treated exactly as we treat all our customers. Their reputation is also our reputation, and we believe that through working together with such a wide audience that we really can provide an unrivalled opportunity for so many websites to create a new and exciting revenue stream"

He invites all darts related websites, whether it is from a Professional Player, a County Organisation, or even the thousands of local leagues around the country to apply for their very own Dart Shop. It even presents itself as a business opportuntity for those just starting off in business to have their very own Dart Shop.