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Here are some of the websites that are already benefitting from using The Dart Shop Network.

Andy Hamilton - The Hammer

Andy Hamilton has been one of the most consistent performers on the Pro Tour over the last few years. Now established in the top tier of the darts elite players - Andy's website brings some quality information on the main man himself.

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Adrian Lewis - Jackpot

One of the World's most exciting players to watch - Adrian Lewis. 2 Times World Champion - and proving that he is undoubtably one of the main contenders in the leading pack for all the top majors. Read more about Adrian directly from his website.

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England Darts Organisation

The England Darts website is crammed full of information for all Dart Players and also Darts enthusiasts alike. From up and coming events (which you can also enter online!) all through past results and full information on the current England Squads. A great read for all everyone.

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The PDPA - The Professional Dart Players Association - looking after the interests of all professional players through its very comprehensive website. The new shop complements its offerings to its players and also to the fans who visit the site to view all its latest information.

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Swindon Darts

Swindon has always enjoyed a rich vein of talent when it comes to darts. Some players from the past could arguably be classed as good as some of the players you now see on TV and have quite a reputation amongst the finest players in the country. An example of how a local league website can benefit from having their own shop directly embedded within their website.

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Peter Manley

Peter Manley - the lovable rogue who has gained a vast following through his stage antics and undoubtably one of the sports biggest names. Although Peter has now decided to step back away from playing on the full professional circuit - he still continues his major involvement through the PDPA, with a busy exhibition schedule.

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Shaun Griffiths

Shaun Griffiths won consecutive Winmau World Youth Masters titles in 2007 and 2008. In 2010, he won the British Teenage Open, and reached the semi-finals of the PDC Under-21 World Championship.
Developing into one of the rising stars on the PDC circuit - his fan base can now support Shaun directly through his shop.

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The Iceman

Alan Warriner-Little, the former World Number 1 and known as The Iceman, has a vast honours list to his name is still active around the exhibition circuit and more recently heard on the commentary of many of the major PDC televised events. His new shop complements his extensive website.

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Darts Mad

Darts Mad is one of the most comprehensive websites with many unique features making it a must visit for any dart fan or enthusiast alike. With its competitions, its head to head database, tipster competitions and so much more - its new shop is sure to be a hit with all its visitors.

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The Big Dart Shop

The Big Dart Shop is an Ebay Store. It has been selling on Ebay for a couple of years and wanted to host its very own Dart Shop. It helps create its own presence other than have to rely on Ebay for its sales and can now begin to tell its own customers that it now has thousands more products on offer via its Dart Shop.

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Dorset County Darts Organisation

Full of information regarding Dorset County Darts including their squads, current fixtures, County stats information - along with their Super Leagues and Youth setup. The site also features local competitions to the Dorset area. Take a look around - it's great to view all the information available.

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Steve Brown Darts Academy

The Steve Brown Darts Academy team have been teaching the younger generation for some time now. They have been seeing the sport of darts going from strength to strength, reaching more and more students and seeing talent breaking through in all of their academies. With new academies opening almost every month around the UK they are giving more budding darts players the opportunity of joining the SBDA and improving their game.

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180 Darts Shop

The 180 Dart Shop is a concept from one of the main Darts Exhibtions organisers who wishes to be able to provide a facility of where to direct their fans on buying darts equipment. Clean, crisp and very easy to follow - this is sure to be a hit and also opens up new channels for the organisers.

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